Friday, 21 August 2015

Retiring mini comics

Hey guys,
Just a little note to let you know that a couple of my mini comics are now out of print.

'Ask Flimsy' is now officially sold out!
There may be a few knocking around a few comic shops that haven't sold yet - but I am all out so have taken them off of my shop. The plan was to only print 300 of these as a limited edition and they've all gone in 9 months which I think is pretty good - so thanks guys!

I do plan on making a new Flimsy book - but it probably won't be until early next year, and will be a little bigger (and hopefully more exciting!) than the Flimsy books you've seen so far :)

Also, I've decided to retire my 'The Way We Write' mini comic. I love this book, but it was the first comic I ever did (it was first published in 2012), and I feel like I can draw and tell stories a lot better now. If people are going to read my stuff I'd prefer them to read my newest stuff, y'know? Again, there might be a few still available from shops, but I am all out and not getting them reprinted.

I do a have a few stories in my brain for new mini comics like this one which I hope to work on in the coming months. There might be a chance you'll see Chris from 'I Am Fire' and Siobhan from 'House Party' in their own little adventure...maybe. Don't hate me if this doesn't happen.

If, somehow, you've avoided me going on about it - I have a new graphic novel coming out in ONE WEEK'S TIME called The Rabbit - which you can preorder HERE.

I also have a childrens' graphic novel that I illustrated coming out in November called 'Blue Bottle Mystery', which will be available through Jessica Kingsley Publishers in a couple of months.

Thanks for all the support, you guys.
Rachael xxx

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #13

Oops! I totally missed telling you guys about last month's Doctor Who strip! It's a good one too - it's still available in Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor issue 13, published by Titan Comics.

This one was all about speed dating. Here's a little peek (click to make it bigger):

You'll have to buy the comic to see the rest of it :)
You can get the Tenth Doctor series from all good comic shops, or direct from Titan's website HERE.

Here's the cover so you know what you're looking for:

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #14

My 11th Doctor Who strip is available today in Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor issue #14, published by Titan Comics.

This one's about re-branding/regeneration - and whether either would mend Docco's broken heart (awww).

Here's a little sneak peek (click on it to make it bigger):

The Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor comic series is available in all good comic shops, as well as online direct from Titan Comics.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Moosekid #2

Moosekid #2 is out now! I have a comic strip in it called 'The Amazing Seymore' which is about a baby harp seal who does magic. IT'S ADORABLE GUYS!

Visit the website here!

You'll be able to read issues 1 & 2 for free (I have a strip in both!).
There's also an exclusive bonus 4 page Seymore comic - I'm so good to you!
Here's the first page (click to make it bigger):

Monday, 3 August 2015

The Rabbit pre-orders: OPEN!

You can now pre-order my new book 'The Rabbit' from the Avery Hill Publishing store!

Here are some nice things people have been saying about it (click the image to make it bigger):

'The Rabbit' also made it into August's 'Most Wanted' list over at Forbidden Planet International, which is lovely :)

All orders before the launch on the 28th August will receive this super-cute, limited edition bookmark:

There's a more detailed post about all the goings-on surrounding the release here.

But basically - JUST CLICK HERE! Thanks guys :)

Friday, 31 July 2015

Commissions: OPEN!

As promised, I've opened my personal commissions again!

If you'd like a portrait of yourself, a loved one, a pet, or fictional/pop culture character, one of my own characters (Flimsy maybe?), or an entire comic page telling a personal/made up story then please get in touch on

Prices are as follows:

A4 one figure black and white = £30
A3 one figure black and white = £40
Additional figures + £10 each figure
Backgrounds + £10
Colour + £10

A4 comic page black and white = £70
A3 comic page black and white = £130
A4 comic page full colour = £90
A3 comic page full colour = £150

Things to keep in mind:
-If you commission a colour piece of work I will ship you the original penciled/inked piece of work and email you the print-ready colour pdf. I only colour digitally.
-All original penciled/inked work involved in your commission will be posted to you.
-Prices do not include postage outside of the UK.
-These prices are for personal commissions only and not the same as my commercial prices.


Some examples of what I can do are below, happy viewing! (click on any pic to make it bigger).

Valkyrie, black and white

Wonder Woman, black and white

Wonder Woman, colour

Valkyrie, colour

Valkyrie and Kitty Pride hanging out, black and white

Valkyrie and Kitty Pride hanging out, colour

Valkyrie and Gamora hanging out, colour

CV - comic page, black and white
(words copyright Hollie Poetry)

My So Called Secret Identity pin up, colour

Commander Irene portrait, colour

Birthday portrait, colour

Jurassic Flimsy, colour

Lumberjanes, colour

Metroland pin up, colour

Hope you enjoyed looking at these - maybe they've given you some ideas, huhhh? :)
Any questions, please email me on 

Thanks guys!
Rachael xxx

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Rabbit: pre-orders and parties!

Hi all!

Here's an update on my new book, The Rabbit!

I announced The Rabbit back in February along with a five page preview here, but basically, it's being released through Avery Hill Publishing on the 28th August and I'm having TWO launch parties for it - more on those in a bit. 

I've also got some exciting PRE-ORDER information for you, but first up, here are a couple of really nice quotes we've had in from two very well respected comics critics (full reviews coming soon):

A Harvey-esque fantasy of two runaway sisters turns into a fabulously disturbing tale, the rabbit only they can see getting bigger and bigger as their lives take a darker and more dangerous path. The comedy that Smith does so well is still there, the dialogue as always just right, but there's a menace and sense of simmering heartbreak here as well. Smith just gets better and better and better. This is her finest yet.
-Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

The deliciously dark and the endearingly whimsical go hand-in-hand in this tenderly observed tale of childhood rites of passage. Such is the depth of Rachael Smith’s character-led storytelling that when you enter the world of The Rabbit you stop being a passive observer and immediately become an active participant instead.
-Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

Sounds good, huh? :)

Here are some pages to whet your them to make them bigger.

Right, on to the important information...


Pre-orders will open on Monday evening (3rd August) through Avery Hill Publishing. The website is right here!
There's a special pre-order gift too - a bookmark that I've designed all special like:


Because I'm super greedy I'm having TWO launch parties for The Rabbit!

The first is in Manchester on Friday, August 28th at Travelling Man (4 Dale St, M1 1JW) from 7pm - 10pm. Click here for the Facebook event page.

The second is in London on Friday, September 11th at Orbital Comics (8 Great Newport Street, WC2H 7JA) from 7pm - 9pm. Click here for the Facebook event page.

At BOTH parties I will be there to lovingly sign and draw in books and to answer any and all questions about drawing comics and giant rabbits. We’ll also have a limited number of free badges, bookmarks, and rabbit-themed confectionery! Not to mention free drinks!

Here's a little peek at the badges :)

I'm also gonna try and make enough of these little rabbit cookies for everyone. So cute haha!

I've also designed an exclusive bookplate for each party that will go to the first 100 customers. Here's the bookplate for the Travelling Man / Manchester party:

And here's the bookplate for the Orbital Comics / London party:

And just to sum up both events:

I'd dearly love to see as many of you as possible at the parties - but if you're unable to come to either of them, please don't forget about the pre-orders :)

Thanks all!

Rachael xxx