Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Empathize This

I illustrated a comic for Empathize This about eating disorders.

Please go read the whole thing HERE.

Friday, 1 July 2016


ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm super excited to finally launch my PATREON!


Patreon is a really simple way for you to support me to make more comics (for example, I really want to get my webcomic 'Bess' up and going again) and get exclusive, awesome rewards in return.

For as little as $3 per month you'll get access to my exclusive diary comic which updates three times a week (the first one is online NOW!), as well as behind the scenes peeks at other stuff I'm working on – rewards also include postcards, sketches, and original pieces of art.

Here's an example of a diary comic:

And here are some sneak peeks at future diary comics:

And here's a look at the first postcard:

There's loads more pics and info on the Patreon page, please do take a look: https://www.patreon.com/rachaelsmith

Thanks guys!!

Rachael xxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

TCAF! (Toronto Comic Arts Festival)

I had an amazing time exhibiting at my first ever TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival).

I'm getting over jetlag right now but also feeling inspired, humbled, and overwhelmed by all the talent I encountered there!

Here are a few photos I took while I was there! Click to make 'em bigger:

Flying into Canada!

Mine and Adam Cadwell's lil table.

The TCAF welcome party! (sorry I'm such a terrible photographer)

Honest Ed's! (out of Scott Pilgrim)

My first taste of proper Canadian poutine! It was aces, but I only managed like, a third of this. That stuff is DENSE!

Sneaky Dee's (out of Scott Pilgrim)

Inside Sneaky Dee's!

Yours truly in Sneaky Dee's.

The best kids' comics shop I have ever encountered.

I picked up a Kate Beaton pony pin which I have wanted for forever!

The Beguiling comic shop.

The Beguiling had a copy of my first book, House Party! I have no idea where they got it! Haha!

On Friday night Adam and I went to a party at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Look! Dinosaurs!

TCAF! My table was on the right hand side but you can't see it because crowds!

Kate Beaton designed the poster and programme cover this year and I think it's all of the rad.

Taken from Jack Astor's balcony restaurant in Dundas Square.

And here's where my table was on the map. I miss it so!

Thanks TCAF! Maybe see you next year, huh?

R xxx

Monday, 9 May 2016

Free Comic Book Day + New Book Launch!

I had a great time drawing at Gosh! for Free Comic Book Day! There were some really imaginative kids there and I really hope they continue drawing ^__^

In the evening I also launched my new book, Artificial Flowers, which was super fun. Thanks to everyone who came down for it - it was lovely to meet you all!
You can buy Artificial Flowers, from the Avery Hill shop HERE!

Here are some photos from the day/eve, click on any of them to make them bigger:

(All photos, except where indicated, are by the wonderful Mauricio Molizane De Souza)

Me and the amazingly talented Kristyna Baczynski - she drew a comic about a man-eating plant which I wish I'd taken a photo of!

I think I'm drawing Squirrel Girl here.

Signing the limited edition bookplates (photo by me)

(photo by me)

This is the first time I saw my book! (photo by me)

I think I was getting excited about a small dog that was behind me here.

Owen and Edie!

Rachael Stott dropped by and I did some weird hand gestures at her!

it me.

Pages from the book (photo by me).

Pages from the book (photo by me).

My babies together at last (photo by me)

(photo by me)

Pipedream Comics also wrote a nice little review of the book which you can read HERE!

Thanks all!
Rachael xxx

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Graham-Cameron Illustration

I have an AGENT!

The wonderful folk at Graham-Cameron Illustration are representing me for children's illustration! Graham-Cameron Illustration will be finding me work in the children's picture book and educational markets. I'm super happy and excited to be branching out into this area and I can't wait to see what lovely things I get to work on!

There's a little news item on their site about me here: http://www.gciforillustration.com/

And you can see my portfolio here: http://www.gciforillustration.com/portfolio/rachael_smith.html

Please note: anyone wishing to commission one of my private commissions, buy one of my books, or talk to me about anything comics/graphic novel related can continue to go through me directly - Graham Cameron Illustration are only representing my children's book and educational work. Any questions please email rachael(at)rachaelsmith(dot)org

Thanks all!

Rachael x

Monday, 25 April 2016

Emerald City Comic Con - pics!

I was honoured to be a *GUEST* at this year's Emerald City Comic Con, in Seattle, WA!
I had a blast and met some amazing people. Here are some photos from off of my phone!

The floor plan, with instructions on how to get to ME

My lovely table neighbour, Naomi Romero! (plus my table set up)

This is my favourite show on Planes

Obligatory breakfast photo

The beautiful venue!

The official bar of ECCC!

My table pre-set up

My badge! (plus legs)

My name in the brochure

I commission I did at the hotel

The Friday Wic Div party! Sorry about the terrible photo!


Goodbye ECCC!